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Allen Moehr Art LLC

"Tri Eye Fly" Fuzion EMAC Truth, Disc Golf Disc, Dynamic Discs

"Tri Eye Fly" Fuzion EMAC Truth, Disc Golf Disc, Dynamic Discs

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The "Tri Eye Fly" Printed on Dynamic Discs Fuzion EMAC Truth.  I am excited to get my art on some discs and Dynamic Discs Dye Max Process goes perfect with my art.  The prints are super detailed and just awesome.  The dyes are super durable, so play away.  This design, I will do my best to keep stocked along with a few more.  I plan to also do limited edition runs of discs.  My first disc was a limited run of 36 and it went fast. Thanks for looking and if you purchase, hope you Ace with it (hole in one).  Thank you Dynamic Discs, you guys are awesome!

Info Below is from Dynamic Discs:

Walt Whitman said, "Whatever satisfies the soul is truth." The EMAC Truth is here to bring satisfaction to your golf game. The Truth had lost its way and wasn't as stable as we wanted it to be. The EMAC Truth sets the record straight. The beautifully neutral and versatile flight of this disc will remind you of the core of disc golf; to throw a disc where you want it to go. Let the EMAC Truth take you back to this satisfying feeling. May the Truth be with you. Signature disc for 2010 World Champion, Eric McCabe

Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2

Max Weight: 180g

About Fuzion:
Fuzion combines the durability of Lucid with an advanced polymer to form a non-transparent blend of plastic. This plastic also provides players with additional grip.

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