I thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I am very excited to share my art with the world. Below and above you will find my products for sale. I am also open to collaborations of all types; including murals, digital illustrations, canvas art, and custom painted clothing. If you want to collaborate, connect with me on my social media (linked on bottom of site). You can also e-mail me at allenmoehrart@gmail.com.



Allen Lee Moehr II is a full-time artist/muralist based out of West Bend, WI. He has been interested in experimenting with many forms of art since childhood. He has been recently devoted to murals. He will do indoor and outdoor murals, using either brush or spray paint, depending on the surface. His style is very bold and colorful. His black outlines with bright colors are sure to catch people’s attention. His art caught the eye of a few companies as of late and you may see his works licensed on some company’s merchandise in the near future. He is interested in being involved in the community and spreading good vibes through his art.