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Allen Moehr Art

"Funky Truckenstein" 8.50 Skateboard Deck

"Funky Truckenstein" 8.50 Skateboard Deck

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Our "Funky Truckenstein" skateboards, designed by Allen Moehr II, are the perfect choice for skaters of all skill levels. They are made with high-quality materials and constructed in the USA, so you can be sure that they will withstand even the most intense skateboarding sessions. "Funky Truckenstein" is printed on 8.50" boards. The prints are high quality and printed by our friends at Splattergoat. These boards are pressed by South Central Skateboard Manufacturing. We are proud to have a high quality American made product.  "Funky Truckenstein" skateboards also make stunning wall art. The unique designs and vibrant colors will brighten up any space! Order your "Funky Truckenstein" skateboard today and be the envy of every bum you know. Haha j/k we like bums too!

p.s. the pictures don't do Splattergoat prints justice.

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